Tallman Dunk Rush

Tallman Dunk Rush


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Tallman Dunk Rush is a popular running game with simple gameplay. In this game, you control a tall character and your objective is to dunk the basketball successfully while avoiding obstacles and short players. This is to time your movements correctly, navigate through the obstacles, and dunk the ball successfully to score points. Enjoy the game and aim to improve your dunking skills as you play!

Tallman Dunk Rush


Tallman Dunk Rush is a popular running game with simple gameplay. Here's a guide on the controls and how to play:


  • Drag your finger or cursor on the screen to move the tall character.

How to Play:

  1. Start the game, and your tall character will begin running automatically.
  2. Your objective is to dunk the basketball successfully.
  3. To do this, you need to move your tall character by dragging your finger or cursor on the screen.
  4. As you run, you'll encounter short players and obstacles.
  5. To dunk the ball, you must crash into the short players. This action will propel you upward.
  6. Be careful not to collide with obstacles that are taller than your character, as it will result in a failed dunk.
  7. Aim to time your jumps and movements carefully to avoid obstacles and successfully dunk the basketball.
  8. The game may have various levels or challenges to complete, each with its own set of obstacles and difficulties.
  9. Try to achieve a high score by successfully dunking the ball and avoiding obstacles.

Keep practicing your timing and precision to become a master at "Tallman Dunk Rush" and enjoy the fun of running and dunking in the game!

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