Giant Rush!

Giant Rush!


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Giant Rush! seems to be a very entertaining battle action game with lots of different animals. As soon as you board the ship, gather all of the sticky soldiers and food to increase your strength against the monsters. You should aim to kill large monsters as quickly as you can while up against them, dodging their attacks. Choose your path to victory and test your stick figure hero's mettle in this thrilling battle! You can create a strong blob runner warrior in offline fighting games and utilize it to defeat your adversaries.


Here's a guide to the controls for Giant Rush:

  1. Movement:

    Use the left and right arrow keys or swipe left or right on your touch screen device to move your stick figure hero left or right.

  2. Jump:

    Press the up arrow key or tap the screen on your touch screen device to make your stick figure hero jump over obstacles.

  3. Attack:

    Use the spacebar or tap the screen to attack enemies. You can also hold down the spacebar or screen for a stronger attack.

  4. Collect Sticky Soldiers and Food:

    Move your stick figure hero over sticky soldiers and food to collect them. Sticky soldiers will stick to your hero, increasing your strength and power. Food will restore your health.

  5. Dodge:

    Use your dexterity and reflexes to dodge enemy attacks. Some enemies will shoot projectiles at you, so be prepared to move out of the way.

  6. Upgrade:

    Use the coins you collect during the game to upgrade your stick figure hero's strength, speed, and attack power.

Remember to be quick and agile, collect sticky soldiers and food, and defeat enemies to progress through the game. With practice, you can become a strong blob runner warrior and defeat all of your adversaries. Good luck and have fun!

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