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Heroball Run


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Heroball Run is a 3D platformer game where you control a red ball and guide it through a series of levels filled with obstacles and challenges. Your goal is to reach the end of each level without falling off the platforms or hitting any obstacles.


Here's a general guide on how to play such platformer games and the potential controls you might encounter:

General Guide for a 3D Platformer Game:

  1. Objective:

    • The primary goal is likely to guide Heroball through various 3D levels, overcoming obstacles, collecting items, and possibly reaching a specific endpoint.
  2. Controls:

    • Controls may vary, but common inputs for 3D platformers include:
      • Arrow keys or joystick: Move Heroball in different directions.
      • Jump button: Allows Heroball to jump over gaps, obstacles, or onto platforms.
      • Action button: Use this button to interact with objects, perform special moves, or trigger switches.
      • Camera controls: In 3D games, there may be controls to adjust the camera angle for a better view of the surroundings.
  3. Obstacles and Challenges:

    • Expect various obstacles such as gaps, moving platforms, enemies, and puzzles that Heroball must navigate through or solve.
  4. Collectibles and Power-ups:

    • Look for collectible items that may contribute to your score or unlock new abilities for Heroball. Power-ups might enhance speed, jumping ability, or provide temporary invincibility.
  5. Levels:

    • The game likely consists of multiple levels, each presenting new challenges and increasing difficulty.
  6. Score and Achievements:

    • Points are usually awarded for completing levels, collecting items, and overcoming challenges. Achieving certain objectives may unlock achievements.
  7. Graphics and Theme:

    • Since it mentions being a new footstep in the red ball world, the game might have a colorful and engaging visual style. The theme may be related to Heroball's adventures.


  • Always refer to the specific in-game instructions or tutorial for accurate details about controls and gameplay mechanics.
  • If the game is available online, you can play it through your web browser or the designated platform.

As details can vary between games and updates may have occurred since my last knowledge update, it's advisable to check the specific instructions provided within the game or on its official platform for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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