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World Of Goo 2


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World of Goo 2 is expected to be a sequel to the original World of Goo game, known for its unique physics-based puzzles and charming art style. Fans of the series can look forward to new challenges, levels, and potentially innovative gameplay mechanics in the upcoming sequel.


Controls Guide (for the original "World of Goo"):

  1. Drag and Drop: In the original game, the primary control involves dragging and dropping goo balls to create structures.

  2. Connect Goo Balls: Connect goo balls to form structures such as bridges, towers, and other configurations. These structures help you reach the level's endpoint.

  3. Navigate through Levels: Guide the goo balls through various levels filled with obstacles and challenges. The goal is often to reach a pipe that serves as the exit.

  4. Physics-Based Puzzles: Solve physics-based puzzles by using the unique properties of different goo balls to overcome obstacles.

  5. Reach the Goo Corporation: Progress through the game to reach the Goo Corporation, which serves as a central hub for accessing different levels.

How to Play:

  1. Start a Level: Begin each level with a set number of goo balls and a specific goal, such as reaching the pipe or a certain height.

  2. Build Structures: Use the goo balls strategically to build structures that can withstand environmental challenges and reach the level's endpoint.

  3. Collect Goo: Collect additional goo balls scattered throughout the levels to increase your resources.

  4. Achieve Objectives: Each level may have specific objectives, such as reaching a certain height, using a limited number of goo balls, or completing the level within a time limit.

  5. Advance to New Levels: Progress through the game by successfully completing levels, unlocking new challenges, and facing increasingly complex puzzles.

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