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Trash Dash Runner promises an entertaining and dynamic endless running experience with a focus on collecting, dodging obstacles, and enjoying the adventures of Trash Cat in the city streets. Enjoy vibrant and engaging graphics depicting the urban environment through which Trash Cat runs. Navigate the streets, collecting fishbones, avoiding obstacles, and escaping from pursuing animals.



  • Mobile Devices (Touchscreen):

    • Tap on the screen to make Trash Cat jump.
    • Swipe left or right to move Trash Cat in the corresponding direction.
    • Collect fishbones and sardine tins by running into them.
  • Keyboard Controls (PC):

    • Use the spacebar or a specific key to make Trash Cat jump.
    • Use the arrow keys or designated keys to move left or right.
    • Collect items by running into them.

How to Play:

  1. Start Running:

    • The game begins with Trash Cat running through the streets.
  2. Jump Over Obstacles:

    • Tap (on mobile) or press the jump key (on PC) to make Trash Cat jump.
    • Avoid obstacles such as bins, obstacles, or anything that may impede your path.
  3. Collect Fishbones:

    • Run into fishbones scattered along the street to score points.
    • Fishbones are the basic currency for upgrades.
  4. Special Sardine Tins:

    • Look out for ultra special sardine tins for additional benefits.
    • Collecting them may provide power-ups or unique advantages.
  5. Upgrade Your Character:

    • Use the fishbones you've collected to upgrade Trash Cat.
    • Upgrades can enhance speed, jumping ability, or provide other improvements.
  6. Buy Accessories:

    • Spend your accumulated fishbones to buy accessories for Trash Cat.
    • Accessories may be cosmetic or provide additional bonuses.
  7. Avoid the Angry Dog:

    • The main challenge is to stay ahead of the angry dog chasing Trash Cat.
    • If the dog catches up, the game may end.
  8. Endless Runner:

    • Trash Dash Runner is likely an endless runner game where the goal is to achieve the highest possible distance.

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