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Super Race 3D is a specific game title, you can find more accurate and detailed information on the official website of the game developer, on the platform where the game is hosted, or within the game itself in the instructions or settings menu. Additionally, community forums or reviews related to gaming may provide insights from players who have experienced the game. Below is a general guide on how such a game might be played:


Controls Guide:

  • Mouse/Touch Controls: The game likely involves using the mouse or touchscreen to interact with the environment.
  • Timing: Choose a reasonable time to guide the crowd through danger zones.
  • Click or Tap: Click or tap on the screen to control the movement or actions of the crowd.

How to Play:

  1. Objective: Guide the crowd to reach their destination through escalators and roads.
  2. Choose Timing: Determine the right time to guide the crowd, considering the movement of vehicles and other obstacles.
  3. Avoid Danger Zones: Safely navigate the crowd through danger zones, such as roads with moving vehicles.
  4. Reach the Cars: Successfully guide the crowd to reach the waiting cars or designated destination.
  5. Avoid Collisions: Prevent the crowd from being hit by vehicles or facing other hazards that could result in losing people.
  6. Challenge Levels: The game may have multiple levels, each presenting increasing difficulty and complexity.
  7. Scoring: Earn points based on successfully guiding the crowd, avoiding obstacles, and completing levels.
  8. Challenge Mode: Take on various challenges presented in the game to test your skills and strategy.

Gameplay Features:

  • 3D Graphics: The game is likely designed with 3D graphics to provide an immersive visual experience.
  • Crowd Dynamics: Managing a moving crowd adds an element of strategy to the gameplay.
  • Obstacle Variety: Different types of obstacles and vehicles may appear, requiring varied strategies to navigate.

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