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Shape Adjust is an action-packed mobile game that challenges players' reflexes and attention to detail. The goal is to quickly transform a shapeshifting character into the correct form to pass through various obstacles. The game features a variety of shapes, multiple levels with increasing difficulty, and fast-paced gameplay.



  • Single-player mode:
    • Press the Spacebar or left mouse button to change the shape of the character.


  • Transform the character: Quickly transform the character into the correct shape to match the upcoming obstacle.

  • Pass through obstacles: Guide the character through the obstacle course, passing through obstacles that match its current shape.

  • Avoid collisions: Avoid colliding with obstacles that do not match the character's shape, as this will end the game.

  • Progress through levels: Overcome increasingly challenging levels, each with new obstacles and faster gameplay.

  • Earn points: Collect points for successfully passing through obstacles and completing levels.


  • React quickly: Pay close attention to the upcoming obstacles and react quickly to change the character's shape.

  • Anticipate obstacles: Observe the pattern of obstacles and anticipate the next shape required.

  • Maintain focus: Stay focused and avoid distractions to maintain a high level of accuracy.

  • Practice and improve: With practice, you'll develop faster reflexes and better shape recognition skills, allowing you to progress through the levels with ease.

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