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Samurai Flash is a mobile game that falls into the genre of parkour combat. In the game, players control a cute samurai character who must continuously move forward, navigating through various obstacles and enemies while engaging in combat. The primary objective is to defeat all adversaries encountered along the way without mercy.


Controls Guide:

  1. Movement: Swipe left or right on the screen to move the samurai horizontally.
  2. Jump: Swipe upwards to make the samurai jump over obstacles or onto higher platforms.
  3. Attack: Tap on the screen to perform a basic attack with the samurai's weapon.
  4. Special Skills: Activate powerful skills by tapping on the corresponding icons on the screen. These skills can deal more damage or provide other advantages during gameplay.
  5. Upgrade: Spend in-game currency or resources to upgrade the samurai's weapons, strength, and skills.

How to Play:

  1. Keep Moving Forward: The primary objective is to keep the samurai moving forward through the level. Avoid obstacles and defeat enemies along the way.
  2. Combat Enemies: Encounter enemies as you progress through the level. Use your attacks and special skills to defeat them.
  3. Collect Resources: Gather resources or rewards dropped by defeated enemies or found in the environment.
  4. Upgrade Samurai: Use the collected resources to upgrade the samurai's weapons, strength, and skills. This will make the character more powerful and better equipped to handle tougher challenges.
  5. Complete Tasks: Accomplish tasks or missions within the game to earn additional rewards and progress further.

The gameplay combines elements of platforming, combat, and upgrading mechanics to provide an engaging experience for players. By mastering the controls and strategically upgrading the samurai, players can progress through levels and face more formidable challenges.

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