Push the Colors

Push the Colors


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Push the Colors is a 2-player casual puzzle game where players control colorful squares, maneuvering them through obstacles, color gates, and challenges. The game involves finding various costumes during the adventure, collecting cubes to gain power, and ultimately challenging a giant at the end of the journey.


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Game Overview:

  • Name: Push the Colors
  • Type: Casual, Puzzle
  • Players: 2 players (Can also be played solo)


  • Objective:
    • Navigate colorful squares through obstacles, color gates, and challenges.
    • Discover various costumes during the adventure.
    • Collect cubes to increase power and confront the giant at the end.

Key Features:

  1. Colorful Squares:

    • Players control vibrant, colorful squares, each potentially with unique abilities.
    • These squares must be guided to the finish line through the levels.
  2. Obstacles and Color Gates:

    • Levels are filled with obstacles such as walls, pits, and moving platforms.
    • Color gates require squares to match their color to pass through.
  3. Costumes:

    • Discover and collect different costumes throughout the game.
    • Costumes may grant special abilities or enhancements to the squares.
  4. Cubes and Power-Ups:

    • Scattered across levels are cubes that players can collect.
    • Accumulating more cubes increases the power of the squares.
  5. Confront the Giant:

    • The ultimate challenge awaits at the end in the form of a giant color monster.
    • Use the collected cubes to confront and defeat this final boss.
  6. Strategic Choices:

    • Players must make strategic decisions throughout the game.
    • Utilize the unique abilities of squares and costumes effectively.
  7. Cooperative Gameplay:

    • Designed for 2 players, encouraging teamwork and coordination.
    • Both players work together to overcome obstacles and challenges.
  8. Single-Player Mode:

    • While primarily a 2-player game, it may also offer a solo mode.
    • In solo mode, players control both squares, switching between them as needed.
  9. Increasing Difficulty:

    • Challenges become progressively harder as players advance through levels.
    • Test skills, strategy, and coordination in increasingly complex scenarios.
  10. Enjoy the Adventure:

    • "Push the Colors" provides a blend of puzzle-solving and cooperative gameplay.
    • Explore vibrant worlds, tackle obstacles, and prepare for the final showdown.

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