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About PolyTrack

Calling all speed demons and creative minds! Buckle up for PolyTrack, a low-poly racing game that injects a vibrant twist into the classic time trial format.

Sharpen Your Skills, Master the Track

PolyTrack throws you behind the wheel in a world of minimalist elegance. Race against the clock on a variety of tracks brimming with loops, jumps, and high-speed straightaways. Every millisecond counts, so precision driving and split-second reactions are key to shaving seconds off your best time.

Inspired by Excellence

Drawing inspiration from the legendary TrackMania series, PolyTrack captures the essence of pure racing joy. Hone your skills, memorize track layouts, and push your limits to become the ultimate time trial champion.

Unleash Your Inner Track Designer

PolyTrack isn't just about blistering lap times – it's about creativity too! The built-in level editor allows you to unleash your inner architect. Craft your own dream tracks, from challenging obstacle courses to scenic joyrides. Once you've perfected your creation, share it with the world and see how others fare on your masterpiece!

The Low-Poly Racing Revolution

PolyTrack delivers a unique blend of high-octane racing, stunning low-poly visuals, and a vibrant community. So, are you ready to test your skills, unleash your creativity, and join the PolyTrack revolution? Play the game today and experience the thrill of the race!

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