Police Car Line Driving

Police Car Line Driving


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About Police Car Line Driving

Calling all adrenaline junkies and law enforcement enthusiasts! Police Car Line Driving throws you behind the wheel of a high-speed police cruiser in a thrilling 3D chase!

Justice at Breakneck Speeds

This cool and addictive arcade game puts you on the right side of the law. Cruise down endless highways in your police car, tasked with apprehending unauthorized vehicles. Each captured scofflaw nets you a sweet score bonus, but watch out – these vehicles aren't going down without a fight!

Master the Maneuver

The road is a chaotic dance of law and order. Dodge and weave through traffic, avoiding not only the fleeing vehicles but also the scattered bombs that threaten your pursuit. Precision driving and quick reflexes are key to maintaining control and racking up an impressive score.

Chase the High Score

The game keeps track of your current score and your personal best. Did you just set a new record takedown? No sweat! The intuitive interface allows you to easily restart and chase an even higher score.

So, are you ready to uphold the law and become the ultimate police car driver? Play Police Car Line Driving today and embark on a thrilling chase for justice!

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