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Path Painter is a mobile puzzle game where players guide a group of villains along a path while avoiding collisions. The goal is to paint the entire path without letting the villains bump into each other. The game features colorful graphics and engaging gameplay, making it suitable for all ages.



  • Single-player mode:

    • Tap and hold on a villain to drag them along the path.
    • Lift your finger to release the villain and let them follow the path automatically.
    • Use the arrows on the screen to rotate the path pieces.
  • Two-player mode:

    • Each player controls a group of villains using the same drag-and-release mechanics.
    • Players must coordinate their actions to avoid collisions and paint the entire path.


  • Guide the villains: Use the controls to guide the villains along the path without letting them collide.

  • Paint the path: Fill the entire path with paint to complete the level.

  • Avoid collisions: Keep the villains from bumping into each other, as this will cause them to stop moving.

  • Progress through levels: Overcome increasingly complex levels, each with its own unique layout and challenges.


  • Plan your route: Carefully consider the path of each villain to avoid potential collisions.

  • Use the arrows strategically: Rotate the path pieces to create efficient routes for the villains.

  • Communicate in two-player mode: Coordinate with your partner to ensure smooth and collision-free movement.

Master your path-painting skills and conquer the challenges in Path Painter!

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