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Paint Hit D is a mobile game where players shoot balls to hit a rotating tower and paint each layer. The objective is to paint as much of the tower as possible without hitting the colored areas, as doing so will cause the level to fail. The game combines elements of precision aiming, timing, and avoidance, providing players with a challenging yet addictive gameplay experience.


Controls Guide:

  1. Shoot: Tap or hold on the screen to shoot balls forward towards the rotating tower.
  2. Aim: Adjust the direction of your shot by swiping or dragging on the screen before releasing to shoot.
  3. Timing: Time your shots carefully to avoid hitting the colored areas and maximize the amount of tower painted.

How to Play:

  1. Shoot Balls: Start by shooting balls towards the rotating tower.
  2. Paint Tower: Each ball that hits the tower will paint a section of it. The objective is to paint as much of the tower as possible.
  3. Avoid Colored Areas: Be careful not to hit the colored areas on the tower. If you hit them, the level will fail, and you'll have to restart.
  4. Progress: As you successfully paint more of the tower, the game will become more challenging with faster rotation speeds and narrower gaps to shoot through.
  5. Achieve High Scores: Aim to paint as much of the tower as you can without hitting the colored areas to achieve high scores and progress further in the game.

Overall, Paint Hit D offers a simple yet addictive gameplay experience where players must demonstrate precision and timing to paint the tower effectively while avoiding failure-inducing obstacles.

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