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MONSTER COLLECT RUN is an exciting online game where you triumph over enemies to play as them. Run through levels, collect crystals, and unleash powerful projectiles against challenging beasts. Experiment with different characters, unleash powerful attacks, and triumph over fantastic beasts. Start the adventure, defeat enemies, collect crystals, and unleash mighty projectiles to become the ultimate champion! Here's an overview of the game and a basic guide on how to play:



Game Overview:

  • Type: Online Browser Game
  • Genre: Platformer, Action
  • Platform: Web Browser
  • Availability: Free to Play

Game Description:

In MONSTER COLLECT RUN, players embark on a thrilling adventure where defeating enemies allows you to play as them. Collect crystals, powerful projectiles, and face off against fantastic beasts that dare to challenge you. Explore levels filled with action, platforming challenges, and exciting gameplay.


  • Triumph Over Enemies: Defeat enemies to unlock and play as them.

  • Collect Crystals: Gather crystals scattered throughout the levels to earn points.

  • Mighty Projectiles: Discover and unleash powerful projectiles to defeat enemies.

  • Fantastic Beasts: Face off against challenging creatures and monsters.

  • Platforming Action: Run, jump, and dodge obstacles as you progress through levels.

  • Free to Play: Play the game for free in your web browser.

How to Play:

  1. Starting the Game:

    • Access the game through its online platform in your web browser.
    • Click on the "Play" or "Start" button to begin the adventure.
  2. Game Controls:

    • Arrow Keys (or WASD): Move your character left, right, jump, and crouch (if available).
    • Spacebar: Attack or use the collected projectiles against enemies.
    • Up Arrow (or W): Jump.
    • Down Arrow (or S): Crouch (if needed).
    • Collecting Crystals: Simply touch the crystals to collect them and earn points.
    • Switching Characters: After defeating an enemy, press a designated key (usually a number key) to switch to that character.
  3. Gameplay:

    • Defeating Enemies:

      • Approach enemies and use the Spacebar to attack or use projectiles against them.
      • Defeating enemies allows you to play as them, each with their own unique abilities.
    • Collecting Crystals:

      • Throughout the levels, you'll find crystals scattered around. Collect as many as you can for points.
    • Using Projectiles:

      • Pick up mighty projectiles found in the levels.
      • Press the Spacebar to unleash these powerful attacks on enemies.
    • Platforming Challenges:

      • Navigate through the levels filled with platforms, obstacles, and traps.
      • Jump over gaps, avoid hazards, and time your movements carefully.
    • Character Switching:

      • After defeating an enemy, press the designated key to switch to that character.
      • Each character has its own abilities, so choose the best one for the situation.

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