Jetpack Rush Simulator 3D

Jetpack Rush Simulator 3D


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Jetpack Rush Simulator 3D is an exhilarating 3D runner game that challenges your reflexes and timing as you navigate a treacherous obstacle course using a jetpack. The game features a simple yet addictive premise, stunning graphics, and a variety of levels to keep you engaged.



  • Single-player mode:

    • Tap and hold the screen to activate your jetpack and propel your character forward.
    • Release your finger to let your character glide through the air.
  • Two-player mode:

    • Player 1 controls the character using the left side of the screen. Tap and hold to activate the jetpack and release to glide.
    • Player 2 controls the character using the right side of the screen. Tap and hold to activate the jetpack and release to glide.


  • Navigate the obstacle course: Use your jetpack to propel your character through the obstacle course, avoiding collisions with hurdles.

  • Time your jetpack bursts: Carefully time your jetpack bursts to ensure your character clears obstacles and lands safely.

  • Collect coins: Collect coins scattered throughout the course to earn points and unlock new levels.

  • Complete levels: Reach the end of each level to unlock the next one.

  • Progress through levels: As you progress, the levels become more challenging, requiring quicker reflexes and more precise timing.


  • Anticipate obstacles: Observe the upcoming obstacles and plan your jetpack bursts accordingly.

  • Adjust your trajectory: Adjust your trajectory in mid-air to avoid collisions and reach narrow platforms.

  • Don't overshoot: Avoid overshooting platforms or landing in precarious positions.

  • Master timing and precision: Timing and precision are crucial for success in Jetpack Rush Simulator 3D.

  • Practice and improve: With practice, you'll master the controls and timing, allowing you to conquer the increasingly challenging levels.

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