Impossible going ball

Impossible going ball


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Impossible Going Ball is a mobile game where players control a ball through challenging obstacles to collect coins. The objective is to navigate through the maze-like levels, avoiding obstacles and traps while collecting as many coins as possible. Navigate the ball through treacherous mazes, collect coins, avoid obstacles, and reach the end of each level to become the ultimate ball master! Here's a basic guide on how to play the game and the typical controls you might encounter:


How to Play:

  1. Goal:

    • Your objective is to guide the ball through challenging levels filled with obstacles.
    • Collect all the coins in each level to maximize your score.
  2. Avoid Obstacles:

    • Navigate through the maze carefully, avoiding traps, spikes, and pits.
    • If you hit an obstacle or fall into a pit, you'll have to restart the level.
  3. Collect Coins:

    • Roll the ball over coins scattered throughout the maze to collect them.
    • The more coins you collect, the higher your score.
  4. Use Tilt or Touch:

    • Depending on your preference, use tilt or touch controls to move the ball.
    • Tilt your device left or right, or swipe on the screen to move the ball accordingly.
  5. Jump Over Gaps:

    • When you encounter gaps, pits, or obstacles you can't roll past, tap to make the ball jump.
    • Timing is essential, so make sure to jump at the right moment to clear the obstacle.
  6. Advance to Next Level:

    • Complete each level by collecting all the coins and reaching the end point.
    • Some levels might have checkpoints, so you don't have to start from the beginning if you fail.
  7. Challenge Yourself:

    • As you progress, levels become more complex with tighter spaces and trickier obstacles.
    • Test your skills and reflexes as you navigate through each challenging level.
  8. Complete All Levels:

    • Your goal is to complete all levels by collecting all the coins and reaching the end.
    • Each level presents a new challenge, so stay focused and patient.
  9. Achieve High Scores:

    • Compete with yourself or friends to achieve the highest score in each level.
    • The fewer attempts and time taken to complete a level, the higher your score.
  10. Enjoy the Challenge:

    • Impossible Going Ball offers a fun and challenging gameplay experience.
    • Enjoy the satisfaction of mastering each level and becoming a skilled ball controller!

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