Great MOM Kitchen Cutter

Great MOM Kitchen Cutter


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Great MOM Kitchen Cutter is a mobile game where the objective is to control knives and slice various cuttable objects in a kitchen environment. The game likely has a scoring system based on the number of objects successfully sliced. The difficulty of the game may increase as you advance, introducing new obstacles and challenges. Here's a simple guide based on the information you provided:


Controls Guide:

  • Tap: Tap on the screen to initiate control of the knives.
  • Hold: Hold down on the screen to continue controlling the knives.
  • Release: Release your tap to make the knives slice through the objects.

How to Play:

  1. Initiate Control:

    • Start the game by tapping on the screen.
  2. Control the Knives:

    • Tap and hold on the screen to control the knives.
    • Move your finger to guide the knives in the desired direction.
  3. Slice Cuttable Objects:

    • Your objective is to slice and dice all cuttable objects in your way.
    • Move the knives strategically to cut through as many objects as possible.
  4. Avoid Perilous Obstacles:

    • Watch out for perilous obstacles in the kitchen environment.
    • These obstacles can pose a challenge and may lead to a game-over if not avoided.
  5. Survival Challenge:

    • The game is a survival challenge, so the longer you can avoid obstacles and keep slicing, the better your chances of success.
  6. Scoring:

    • The game likely has a scoring system based on the number of objects sliced.
    • Aim for high scores by efficiently slicing through the objects.
  7. Progress Through Levels:

    • As you successfully slice objects and navigate through the challenges, you may progress through different levels or stages.
  8. Customization and Upgrades:

    • Explore the possibility of customizing your knives or earning upgrades to enhance your slicing capabilities.
  9. Difficulty Increases:

    • Expect the game's difficulty to increase as you advance, introducing new and more challenging obstacles.

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