Epic Hole Runner

Epic Hole Runner


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Platform Games is the category in which Epic Hole Runner falls. In order to grow larger and gain more points, consume as much food as you can throughout the level. But be aware that the green barrels can activate a rush mod that will reduce your size, and the red barrels will explode and 


Here's a general guide on how similar games are typically played:

Game Concept:

  • Genre: Action

How to Play:

  1. Controlling the Black Hole: Use the provided controls to move the black hole. Controls may involve tapping, swiping, or using arrow keys, depending on the platform.
  2. Gulping Items: The objective is to move forward and consume as many items as possible. The black hole likely grows larger as it consumes more items.
  3. Avoid Obstacles: Watch out for obstacles or challenges that may hinder the black hole's progress. Avoiding these obstacles may be crucial for survival.
  4. Scoring: The game may involve scoring based on the number or type of items consumed. Try to achieve a high score by efficiently navigating the black hole.
  5. Power-ups: Some games include power-ups or special items that enhance the black hole's abilities. Collect them for additional advantages.
  6. Level Progression: The game may have levels or stages with increasing difficulty, introducing new challenges or variations in gameplay.

Note: Since I don't have specific details about "Epic Hole Runner," the information provided is based on common elements found in action games where the player controls a character or object to consume items and avoid obstacles.

For accurate controls and specific features, refer to any in-game instructions, tutorials, or guides provided within the game. If you have the game installed, check its settings or help section for details on how to play and control the black hole in "Epic Hole Runner." Enjoy the action-packed experience!

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