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Endless Stickam is a simple yet addictive mobile game where players control a stickman character and guide it through an endless obstacle course by tapping on the screen to make it jump from one platform to another. The goal is to reach the highest score possible without falling off the platforms. The game features colorful graphics, easy-to-learn controls, and endless gameplay.



  • Single-player mode:
    • Simply tap on the screen to make the stickman jump.


  • Jump from platform to platform: Tap on the screen at the right time to make the stickman jump from one platform to another.

  • Avoid falling: Be careful not to fall off the platforms, as this will end the game.

  • Reach high scores: Continue jumping and avoiding falls to accumulate points and reach the highest score possible.

  • Endless gameplay: The game continues indefinitely, providing endless opportunities to challenge your high scores.


  • Time your jumps carefully: Observe the distance between platforms and time your jumps accordingly.

  • Anticipate gaps: Anticipate gaps in the sequence of platforms and adjust your jumping strategy.

  • Maintain a steady rhythm: Develop a steady rhythm of jumps to maintain your momentum.

  • Don't rush: Avoid rushing your jumps, as this can lead to miscalculations and falls.

  • Practice and improve: With practice, you'll develop better timing and reflexes, allowing you to reach higher scores and extend your jumps.

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