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EG Contrast is a fast-paced dodging game that takes inspiration from popular games like Slope and Run. In this game, players find themselves speeding through a vibrant and colorful tunnel, facing a barrage of obstacles that must be avoided to survive and achieve a high score. Aim to achieve the highest score by dodging as many obstacles as you can before eventually colliding with one.



  • Speeding Tunnel: The game starts with your character moving forward automatically at a blazing speed.

  • Colorful Obstacles: The tunnel is filled with various colorful obstacles that appear in rapid succession.

  • Avoidance: Your objective is to dodge these obstacles by moving left or right, jumping over them, or sliding beneath them.

  • Quick Reflexes: As the speed increases, the game becomes more challenging, requiring lightning-fast reflexes and precise timing to avoid crashing.

  • Continuous Movement: The character moves continuously, so players must constantly make split-second decisions to evade incoming obstacles.

  • Endless Gameplay: The game is endless, meaning it continues until you collide with an obstacle, allowing you to aim for higher scores with each attempt.

  • High Score Challenge: Compete against yourself and others for the highest score by surviving as long as possible and dodging as many obstacles as you can.

  • Dynamic Environment: The tunnel is filled with vibrant colors and changing patterns, creating an immersive and visually stimulating experience.


  • Left Arrow Key or Swipe Left: Move your character to the left to avoid obstacles on that side.

  • Right Arrow Key or Swipe Right: Move your character to the right to dodge obstacles on the right side.

  • Up Arrow Key or Swipe Up: Jump over obstacles that are in your path.

  • Down Arrow Key or Swipe Down: Slide beneath obstacles that are hanging low in the tunnel.

Tips for Success:

  • Stay Alert: Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming obstacles and be ready to react instantly.

  • Anticipate Movements: Try to anticipate the movement patterns of the obstacles to plan your dodges effectively.

  • Master the Controls: Practice using the controls to swiftly maneuver your character in all directions.

  • Focus on Timing: Timing is crucial, especially when jumping or sliding to avoid obstacles.

  • Collect Power-Ups (if available): Some versions of the game might feature power-ups that can help you, such as speed boosts or temporary invincibility.

  • Take Breaks: The game can be intense, so don't forget to take breaks to rest your eyes and mind.

  • Challenge Yourself: Set personal goals to beat your previous scores and improve your dodging skills with each playthrough.

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