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Drive Hills Online is an addictive and challenging physics-based driving game where players navigate a variety of treacherous hill climbs, overcoming obstacles and avoiding rollovers to deliver goods safely. The game features realistic physics, stunning 3D graphics, and a captivating gameplay experience.



  • Acceleration: Press and hold the accelerator pedal on the right side of the screen to accelerate your truck.

  • Braking: Press and hold the brake pedal on the left side of the screen to slow down your truck.

  • Steering: Tilt your device left or right to steer your truck along the road.


  • Navigate challenging hill climbs: Ascend steep mountain roads filled with bumps, turns, and unexpected obstacles.

  • Overcome obstacles: Dodge rocks, fallen trees, and other hazards that could hinder your progress.

  • Avoid rollovers: Maintain balance and control to prevent your truck from tipping over.

  • Deliver goods safely: Transport goods to their designated destinations without damaging them or losing them.

  • Complete missions: Progress through a series of missions, each offering unique challenges and rewards.


  • Master acceleration and braking: Use the accelerator and brake pedals judiciously to maintain control on different terrains.

  • Anticipate obstacles: Observe the road ahead and anticipate potential hazards, adjusting your speed accordingly.

  • Steer with precision: Small and precise steering adjustments are crucial for navigating narrow paths and avoiding obstacles.

  • Manage your weight distribution: Distribute the weight of your truck evenly to prevent rollovers on inclined surfaces.

  • Upgrade your truck: Use earned rewards to upgrade your truck's engine, suspension, and brakes for better performance.

Embrace the challenge and conquer the rugged hills in Drive Hills Online!

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