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Deform It is a game that revolves around manipulating and deforming objects. The setting is in space, adding an extra dimension to the gameplay. The game features a variety of balls with different properties, and players can explore the challenges presented across 14 levels.


Game Modes:

  1. Level Mode:

    • In this mode, you likely progress through different levels, each presenting a unique challenge.
    • The goal may involve deforming objects in a specific way to complete the level.
  2. Free Deform Mode:

    • This mode may allow players to freely deform objects without specific level constraints.
    • It provides a sandbox-like experience for creative deformation.
  3. Antigravity Mode:

    • Antigravity mode might introduce a unique gameplay element where the usual laws of gravity are altered.
    • Players may need to adapt their deformation strategies to navigate objects in a low-gravity environment.


  • The core gameplay involves deforming objects, and each of the 13 different ball options may have its own properties or characteristics.
  • Levels could become progressively challenging, requiring more precision and creativity in deformation to succeed.
  • Objectives might include reaching a specific shape, navigating obstacles, or achieving deformation within certain constraints.


  • The game may include settings or options to customize the experience, such as graphics settings, sound controls, or other preferences.

For specific instructions and a detailed controls guide, it's recommended to check within the game itself. Look for an in-game tutorial, controls menu, or instructions that provide detailed information on how to play and navigate the different modes.

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