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Crush All is a game where the primary objective is to recycle and destroy cars. Players achieve this goal by using tow hooks to tow cars and combining them to increase towing power. The game likely involves strategic decision-making regarding the placement and combination of tow hooks to efficiently recycle cars. The challenge lies in towing higher-level cars, as only higher-level tow hooks are capable of towing them.


Here's a general overview of how the game might be played:

  1. Objective: The main goal of "Crush All" is to recycle and destroy as many cars as possible using tow hooks.

  2. Controls Guide: The controls might involve simple drag-and-drop mechanics or tapping/swiping gestures, depending on the platform the game is designed for (e.g., mobile, PC). Here's a basic guide:

    • Drag tow hooks: Players can drag tow hooks from their starting position to cars on the screen.
    • Combine tow hooks: Players can combine tow hooks by dragging one hook onto another. This action creates a stronger power for towing heavier cars.
    • Release tow hooks: Once tow hooks are attached to cars, players can release them to initiate the towing process.
  3. Gameplay Mechanics:

    • Tow Hooks: Tow hooks are used to attach to cars and tow them for recycling.
    • Car Destruction: Towed cars are destroyed upon reaching a certain point or after being towed for a specific duration.
    • Combining Hooks: Combining tow hooks increases their towing power, allowing players to tow heavier cars.
    • Progression: As players recycle more cars and progress through the game, they may unlock higher-level tow hooks or encounter more challenging obstacles.
  4. Strategy:

    • Strategic placement of tow hooks: Players need to strategically position tow hooks to maximize their efficiency in recycling cars.
    • Efficient combination: Combining tow hooks at the right time and with the right strategy can increase towing power and optimize car destruction.
  5. Challenges: The game may introduce challenges such as time limits, limited resources, or obstacles that players must overcome to achieve higher scores or progress further.

  6. Scoring: Players may earn points or rewards based on the number of cars recycled, the efficiency of towing, and other factors.

  7. Visuals and Feedback: The game likely features visually engaging graphics and provides feedback to the player on their progress, scores, and achievements.

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