Count Masters Clash Pusher 3D

Count Masters Clash Pusher 3D


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Count Masters Clash Pusher 3D seems to be an arcade game with a unique concept where players must beat a strong enemy using a weak team. The gameplay involves avoiding obstacles and strategically using advantages to defeat the final boss at each level. The game offers increasing challenges as players advance through levels. Here's a summary based on the provided description:


Controls Guide:

  • Swipe Left/Right: Swipe left or right on the screen to move your weak team of stickmen.
  • Swipe Up: Swipe upward to make your stickmen jump.
  • Swipe Down: Swipe downward to make your stickmen crouch or slide.
  • Tap: Tap on the screen to interact with items or perform specific actions.

How to Play:

  1. Weak Team: Start with a team of stickmen that may seem weak.
  2. Navigate Levels: Control your team through 3D environments filled with obstacles and challenges.
  3. Collect Advantages: Attach to increasing items or advantages in the environment to strengthen your team.
  4. Avoid Obstacles: Maneuver through the level, avoiding obstacles and hazards.
  5. Defeat Final Boss: Use the accumulated advantages to defeat the final boss at each level.
  6. Level Progression: Advance through multiple levels, with each level presenting a stronger final boss.


  • The primary goal is to defeat the final boss at each level using the limited resources of your weak team.
  • Collect advantages strategically to enhance your team's abilities.


  • Limited Resources: Overcome challenges with a weak team by smartly using the available advantages.
  • Dynamic Environment: Adapt to a dynamic 3D environment with changing obstacles.
  • Increasing Difficulty: Experience increasing difficulty levels as you progress, requiring more strategic play.

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