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City Run 3D promises an enjoyable and addicting experience with its unique concept and combination of growth and combat mechanics. The game's simplicity in gameplay, along with its competitive elements, makes it a title that players can quickly pick up and enjoy. Become the fattest character by consuming food and strategically knocking out opponents.


Controls Guide:

  • Movement:

    • Navigate your character through the city streets.
  • Eating Food:

    • Consume as much food as possible to increase your character's size and strength.
  • Avoiding Energy Depletion:

    • Be cautious about the types and amounts of food you consume to prevent depleting your energy.
  • Attacking Opponents:

    • Use a powerful slap to crush opponents when you've grown fat enough.

Gameplay Overview:

  • Objective:

    • The main goal is to grow your character by eating food and defeating opponents.
  • Size Matters:

    • As your character becomes larger, they gain strength and the ability to deliver powerful slaps.
  • Energy Management:

    • Be mindful of the energy levels to avoid being knocked out by opponents.
  • Strategy:

    • Develop a strategy for balancing the consumption of food and engaging with opponents effectively.

Tips for Playing:

  • Strategic Eating:

    • Consume food strategically to maximize growth without depleting energy too quickly.
  • Timing Attacks:

    • Time your powerful slaps to crush opponents at the right moments.
  • Watch Energy Levels:

    • Keep an eye on your character's energy levels to avoid getting knocked out.
  • Competitive Element:

    • Engage in the game competitively, either against AI opponents or other players.
  • Enjoy the Unique Concept:

    • Embrace the unique concept of the game, which combines growth mechanics with slap-based combat.

Additional Information:

  • Power-Ups and Bonuses: Explore the possibility of power-ups or bonuses that may enhance your character's abilities.

  • Increasing Difficulty: Expect the game to become more challenging as you progress.

  • Leaderboards and Achievements: Check for leaderboards and achievements to track your progress and compete with others.

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