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Circle Runner is an addictive and simple yet challenging mobile game where players help a man run around a rotating circle, avoiding obstacles and accumulating points. The game features a minimalist design, intuitive controls, and endless gameplay.



  • Single-player mode:
    • Tap or click on the screen to make the man jump.


  • Avoid obstacles: Time your taps or clicks to make the man jump over or under the obstacles that appear on the circle.

  • Keep running: Continuously tap or click to keep the man running and avoid losing progress.

  • Accumulate points: Earn points for each obstacle successfully avoided, increasing your overall score.

  • Endless gameplay: The game continues indefinitely, providing endless opportunities to challenge your reflexes and improve your score.


  • Maintain a steady rhythm: Develop a consistent rhythm of taps or clicks to maintain the man's momentum.

  • Anticipate obstacles: Observe the pattern of obstacles and anticipate their appearance to react accordingly.

  • Avoid distractions: Stay focused and avoid distractions to maintain concentration and timing.

  • Practice and improve: With practice, you'll develop better reflexes and timing, allowing you to avoid obstacles more effectively and accumulate higher scores.

Circle Runner provides a simple yet engaging gaming experience that tests your reflexes and timing. Enjoy the challenge of keeping the man running indefinitely and aim for the highest possible score!

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