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Boxing Gang Stars is a fun and exciting boxing game that features humorous characters battling it out in the boxing ring. Decide whether you want to engage in a single-player campaign or challenge a friend in 2-player mode. Strategically time your punches to land blows on your opponent while avoiding their counterattacks. The ultimate goal is to knock out your opponent by depleting their health bar.



  • Genre: Sports, Boxing
  • Platform: Online (Browser-Based)


  1. Funny Boxing Characters:

    • Play as humorous and quirky characters in the boxing ring.
    • Each character has its own unique personality and fighting style.
  2. Single Player and Multiplayer Modes:

    • Enjoy the game in 1-player mode against AI opponents.
    • Challenge friends or family in 2-player mode for exciting multiplayer battles.
  3. Physics-Based Gameplay:

    • Experience super fun and realistic physics that add to the excitement of the boxing matches.
    • Watch as characters react dynamically to punches, dodges, and knockouts.
  4. Become the King of the Boxing Ring:

    • Enter the boxing competition and strive to become the ultimate champion.
    • Fight against opponents to climb the ranks and claim victory.
  5. Intuitive Controls:

    • The game features simple and easy-to-use controls for smooth gameplay.
    • Below is a guide to the controls for "Boxing Gang Stars":

Controls Guide:

  • Single Player Mode:

    • Arrow Keys (or WASD):

      • Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move your character around the ring.
      • Left/Right: Move left or right.
      • Up/Down: Move forward or backward.
    • Spacebar:

      • Press the spacebar to jab or punch your opponent.
      • Hold down the spacebar for a powerful punch.
    • Blocking:

      • Press the down arrow key (or S key) to block incoming punches.
      • Blocking helps you defend against your opponent's attacks.
  • 2-Player Mode:

    • Player 1 Controls:

      • Use the WASD keys to move.
      • Press the spacebar to punch.
      • Press the left Shift key to block.
    • Player 2 Controls:

      • Use the arrow keys to move.
      • Press the Enter key to punch.
      • Press the right Shift key to block.

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