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Awesome Run 2 is a running game that puts players in a challenging championship against three other professional runners. The goal is to collect energizers to run faster than your opponents while avoiding obstacles along the way. Prioritize collecting energizers to gain speed boosts and stay ahead of your opponents.


Controls Guide:

  • Up Arrow Key or W: Jump or move your character upwards.
  • Down Arrow Key or S: Slide or crouch to avoid obstacles.
  • Left Arrow Key or A: Move your character to the left.
  • Right Arrow Key or D: Move your character to the right.
  • Spacebar: Use a boost or special move when available.

How to Play:

  1. Start the Game: Launch Awesome Run 2 and begin the challenging running championship.

  2. Compete Against Opponents: You'll be racing against three other professional runners. Your goal is to beat them to the finish line.

  3. Collect Energizers: Along the track, collect energizers to gain speed boosts. These will help you run faster and outrun your opponents.

  4. Avoid Obstacles: Watch out for obstacles such as hurdles, barriers, and pits. Use the jump or slide controls to avoid them.

  5. Use Boosts: When you have a boost available (usually indicated by a meter), press the spacebar to activate it. This will give you a temporary speed increase.

  6. Race Strategy: Plan your jumps, slides, and boosts strategically to maximize your speed and avoid delays.

  7. Complete the Race: Make your way through the racecourse, overcoming obstacles and using boosts to outrun your opponents.

  8. Win the Championship: Aim to be the first to cross the finish line to win the championship race.

  9. Earn Rewards: Depending on your performance, you may earn rewards such as medals, points, or new characters.

  10. Upgrade Your Runner: Some games allow you to upgrade your runner's abilities, speed, or boosts using the points or rewards you earn.

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