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Ant Flow


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Ant Flow is a laid-back puzzle game that challenges players to use creativity and strategic thinking. The objective is to guide industrious ants to their nourishment by constructing paths through sketching lines. Players are tasked with using their creativity to sketch lines and create paths for ants to transport food back to their nest. The game features challenges, obstacles, and puzzles that players need to navigate. Here's a brief overview along with a guide on how to play:


How to Play Ant Flow:

  1. Construct Paths:

    • Use your finger or input device to sketch lines on the screen.
    • These lines will serve as paths for the ants to follow.
  2. Guide Ants:

    • Direct the industrious ants along the paths you've created.
  3. Transport Nourishment:

    • The goal is to assist the ants in transporting their bounty (food) back to their nest.
  4. Navigate Puzzles:

    • Encounter and solve puzzles that require creative thinking to overcome obstacles.
  5. Claim Victory:

    • Successfully guide the ants through the puzzle, sidestepping obstacles, to claim victory.

Controls Guide:

  • The primary control involves using your finger or an input device to sketch lines on the screen. The control scheme may be touch-based or adapted to the specific platform.


  • Plan your paths strategically to navigate around obstacles.
  • Anticipate the movement of ants and potential challenges.
  • Experiment with different path constructions to find the most efficient routes.

Note: The specific controls and features may vary based on the platform on which Ant Flow is played. It's recommended to check in-game tutorials or instructions for precise details on controls and additional gameplay mechanics.

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